"Welcome to Beach Cities Aikido"

                            Martial Arts - Self Defense

"Your spirit is the true shield"....Morihei Ueshiba

Chief Instructor:  Sensei Steven Wasserman
Est.:  2011 
Affiliation:  Aikido Association of America

Classes focus on the art and philosophy of Aikido self defense. This Japanese martial art translates to mean the way of harmonizing the spirit.  Students will learn the basic principles of falling, rolling and defense techniques against punches, strikes, kicks, knife attacks,  control and blending with your opponent, mat safety and self-defense awareness. Instruction is focused towards both the basic principles of Aikido and their applications in technique.  Emphasis is on learning timing, natural movement and connection with your training partner and not on overall strength, speed or aggression.  Aikido is not a sport and there are no competitive tournaments. Students work cooperatively with partners to master complex physical techniques, taking turns throwing and falling. Increased stamina, flexibility, confidence, discipline, reaction timing, and muscle development occur naturally as a result of Aikido training. 

This is an example of our Aikido training and what you will learn... 

S. Toyoda Sensei RI Seminar 

AAA Aikido

Aikido Demonstration

Dr. Wasserman would like to thank all who serve and have served in the United States Armed Forces protecting this great blessed country...Thank You...


Our dojo consists of beginners, long time students alike, and adults only (see Dojo Schedule & Fees).  Our dojo philosophy is that we train in the spirit of supporting one another's learning and growth.  At BCA, we insure a high standard of safety at all times and provides a solid foundation in the fundamentals of aikido technique and etiquette.  Beach Cities Aikido serves Orange County, Long Beach, Rossmoor, and surrounding communities. 

Beach Cities Aikido has open enrollment. Beginning students can join at any time. It is recommended that prospective students observe at least one class before joining. When observing a class, please talk to members, ask questions and get to know the dojo. Any physical condition that you feel may be a problem should be discussed with the instructor, but the student must have the ability to fall and roll at a moderate pace.  All new students, no matter if a beginner or belt ranked by another dojo, are only allowed to participate at the Beach Cities Aikido at the discretion of the instructor.


The land and all its shores are my dojo?.....author unknown...... "Welcome to Beach Cities Aikido"  

Aikido-by Toyoda Shihan